The Performance

The performance takes place in three hours , it is composed by 17 different scenes, an off voice introduces each one of them...

- The sacrifice of Isaac.

- Jesus meeting with the samaritan woman at the well.

- The sermon on the mount. The choosing of the twelve apostles.

- Mary Magdalene's repentance.

- Peter first head of the church.

- Curing of a blind man.

- Triumphal entrance into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday).

- Last moments with his mother.

- The last supper.

- Judas betrays his lord.

- The agony in the garden.

- The trial before Pontius Pilate, Anas, Caifas and Herod.

- Pedro denies three times his lord.

- Repentance and death of  Judas.

- The trial of Pontius Pilate.

- The carrying of the cross.

- Jesus dies on the cross.